SCCM – Exclude Machines from Automatic Client Site Push Install

If you have Automatic Client Site Push configured on SCCM it will install the Configuration Manager client on all of the machines targeted.  From the GUI you can only select between Servers and Workstations.

How to resolve:

  1. Logon to the SCCM Server
  2. Navigate to the following registry entry on the server:
  3. Double click on “ExcludeServers”
  4. Enter the name of the machine(s) you would like to exclude from automatic push.
  5. Each machine should be on its own line such as:

6. Press OK and the machine(s) listed will be excluded from having the client installed.

2 comments On SCCM – Exclude Machines from Automatic Client Site Push Install

  • i tried this and the client still got installed.

    • It should work if using Client Push Method. However there are other ways that push out the client that may need to be disabled.

      What version of SCCM are you using?
      Are you pushing out the SCCM client via another avenue such as a package via SCCM or by WSUS?

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